Seabrook Crisps

  • Category: Web Design 
  • Completed at: Personal Project, 2012
  • Responsibilities: Design and Layout
  • Tools: Photoshop, Balsamiq

The website that Seabrook had at the time was quite dated.  It was built entirely in Flash and was full of auto-playing music and strange sounds.  It seemed that they needed something that was more modern in terms of style and technology.  This also afforded an opportunity to resposition the company slightly.  

I looked at taking the company a bit more upmarket, into the ‘posh crisps’ sector.  This is a very competitive area, but because of the perceived increase in quality of the crisps they tend to sell for more too.  I put together the following design: 



It became clear that the design wasn’t strong enough and it didn’t feel unique enough either.  I also had to question the idea of taking the brand more upmarket.  It seemed as if actually it was better staying where it was, but making more of a key USP – the idea of their products being Yorkshire born and bred.  Yorkshire has a particular image nationally – it’s known to be a distinctive part of the country, and it has a reputation for doing things its own way.  I thought this could be a workable angle.  Visually, I liked the idea of creating a sort of ‘yorkshire house’, so I put together some photos and textures and the design below came together.


I also designed a mobile site.


Summing up

Funnily enough, a year after I put together this design, Seabrook Crisps’ website changed to something quite similar in style.  Their version is a little more modern and feels a bit better thought-out, but it’s nice to know that I was heading in the right direction.