Lonres.com Rebrand – Infinity Concept

  • Category: Branding 
  • Completed at: Lonres.com, 2014
  • Responsibilities: Branding
  • Tools: Illustrator

I was briefed that the current brand wasn’t aligned enough with the image management wanted to portray and the customers they wanted to go after.  They felt that it was too friendly and wanted to develop a brand ‘family’ around our products.

Initial sketches produced some good ideas – I wanted to make sure that I produced a high-end, slick identity that could be extrapolated in a variety of ways.



The concept with this design was to emphasise the precision machine behind the company, and how that led to fantastic products well targeted towards what the customer wanted to do.  The infinite loop itself was intended to represent the flow of data through ours and our customers systems and the multiple facets different users had for it.  

The three offspring logos demonstrated each system as thus: 

  • Lonres.com was a merge of blue and purple – the two colours we sed to identity sales and lettings properties on the website.
  • Data was a cool, efficient greeny blue backed on to a stream of 1s and 0s to represent the data itself
  • District was a pink swoosh backed onto a map, showing how a customer’s properties were the heart of their operation.



Stationery presented some interesting challenges.  It needed to carry the Infinity motif through without using too much or too little of it, but I think I managed it pretty well.  My favourite parts are the business cards, where the loop forms a lattice-like shape in the background.

Summing up

I was really happy with how this stood out on the page.  It was very striking, but not trashy or over the top.  It also scaled well to different sizes – a key consideration with any logo.  The client was not hugely keen though – they thought it was too loud and too complex.  They were happy with the font choice, but I felt that was the most boring part of it.  Proxima Nova is a very solid typeface, but here it looks quite corporate.