Lonres.com Internal Website

  • Category: Web Design 
  • Completed at: Lonres.com, 2012
  • Responsibilities: Design and Layout
  • Tools: Photoshop, Balsamiq

The company’s main product is a system that allows sales and lettings agents to collaborate and share property instructions with each other.  It has been around since 2001.  You can see the old site below:

Old LonresOld Lonres

It was time for something new.

The old site was very poorly designed, was difficult to navigate and had no sense of a brand.  It also used a lot of old code, which made it hard to modify.  The team had been working on a new design for a few months before I had arrived, but it had been stuck in development hell.  Some stakeholders wanted to give the old design a facelift, and others wanted something brand new.  

Eventually it became clear we needed something new.  I started by compiling as many ideas as I could into some sketches and notes, pulling together design from arond the web.  Then I got to work on some site drafts to give people an idea of how things could look.

It was still a bit dull and business-like though.  It felt like we needed to put more effort into branding and the message we wanted to portray overall.  I went back to the drawing board, and the team put together some new ideas on our message.  We decided to push for recognition as a service that cared about its clients and was keen on providing great software and great data.  I developed the following designs:

The ideas were definitely flowing and we felt much happier with the fresh new look.  The logo had to change though, as we didn’t just serve estate agents.  I was also told that I needed to simplify the designs a bit… whilst they were happy with the overall concept, they wanted something a bit more restrained.   Below is what I came up with.  


Everyone was really happy with this final design.  It was a fresh new look for the company, but maintained elements of the old design and that would hopefully avoid a learning curve for customers.

Summing up

This project was a pretty difficult one.  It was as much about changing attitudes and fighting for new ideas as it was creating a good design.  Whilst the end result wasn’t 100% what I wanted, it managed to achieve the above objectives and served as a stable foundation for the company moving forward.