Ginger Industries (Personal Branding)

  • Category: Branding 
  • Completed at: Freelance, 2014
  • Responsibilities: Branding
  • Tools: Illustrator

Why did I go for ginger industries?

Firstly it’s because I felt I needed a clear brand that stood out.  My name – Dave Robertson – is a pretty common one, and if you Google it you get 477,000 results.  Thankfully, I am the first result if you Google “dave robertson graphic designer” but that sends you to my LinkedIn page which isn’t  hugely interesting.

Secondly, my name is pretty boring.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with it, but it’s not very rock and roll.  I gave it a go, but after working on various monograms and icons I realised that it was going to take a miracle to sound interesting.  Dave could be a plumber or accountant as much as he could be a graphic designer, so I needed something that grabbed attention.


Stylistically, I’ve always really liked skateboard brands.  I was a bit too nerdy to be a skateboarder in my youth, but I loved the strong colours and irreverent humour that the brands used.  It felt like each of the brands had a strong personality with a determined, no-nonsense attitude.  I thought this summed me up well.  


My first attempt revolved around calling myself a ghost – the brand name was Ginger Ghost.  I thought this worked because I’m fairly pale and I liked the possibility of having a quirky ghost mascot.  But the fact that I’m not actual a supernatural being and the lack of business focus put me off.  


I had an idea around machinery, using brighter and bolder colours and dropping the ghost name.  I wanted to make it feel more like I was actually producing something.  But I wanted to keep the Ginger focus – I decided it gave me a quirky edge. 

Adding Industries on to the end completed the picture.  It felt quirky but dependable, which is how I’d see myself to be honest.  The words sit pretty well next to each other too, and I added a little ginger mop on to the top of the I.