Birch & Co.

  • Category: Web Design 
  • Completed at:, 2013
  • Responsibilities: Design and Layout
  • Tools: Photoshop, Balsamiq

The original website was several years old, and the client wanted something that was fresher and more modern-looking.  The logo had to stay the same though, and the site functionality needed to remain as before.  

Experimenting with some textures, I came across a great watercolour look that paired nicely with a paper-style background.  Museo Slab as the title font completed the design as it bridged old and new styles. 

You can view the site here:

Summing up

I was quite happy that I’d managed to create something the client liked.  I did worry that the watercolour idea would be a little too forward for them, but they really took to it.  Unfortunately we were unable to use Museo as the website font, and had to go with Arial/Helvetica instead, which was a shame.