Artisan Butcher

  • Category: Branding
  • Completed at: Freelance, 2012
  • Responsibilities: Design
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

The client came to me wanting an identity for his new butchery business.  He was looking for something that combined modern techniques with an old-fashioned feel, symbolising his approach to his work.

I started off by looking at what butchers logos looked like from the past, and trying to get a sense of the feel he wanted to go for.  He also directed me towards a ‘frontiers’ feel, with leather and woodcut graphics.    

Attempt #1


We felt this went in the right direction, but not close enough.  It felt a little too rustic, a little too old fashioned and didn’t line up with the target audience as well as we hoped.  The client wanted to aim for adults on the younger side, and this didn’t seem quite right. 

Attempt #2


The client was much keener on this one – it married up with his idea of tradition and heritage, but didn’t quite promote the artisan feel he wanted.  He wanted to explore other options with a more hand drawn feel.

Attempt #3


For this one, I went with a 1950s feel, with script type and the pig illustration making it feel stylish and old fashioned.  The client liked it, but unfortunately felt it was a little too retro and too cute.  He wanted something with a bit more ‘edge’.

Final Logo


We went for a wood-cut feel here, making the logo feel quite gritty and retro.  He decided on this one because he thought it showed his craftmanship and the bull showed his spirit – showing customers that he wouldn’t stop till he produced the best products for them.

Summing up

I was reasonably happy with this design – it seemed to fit the brief nicely and it had a great chunky feel to it.  But I wasn’t sure the bull design meshed with the font perfectly.  Whilst it’s what the client wanted, it would have been nice to be able to produce something a bit more industrial and less mediterranean.